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Thanks for making such a good piece of software.
I've been a user of Ocommunity for a while now and wrote an article that posted today about your product's features.
oCommunity Suite
Man, you guys rock...
Wow you guys are INCREDIBLE!
Mark Dawson
DRZ Entertainment
The iron Maidens

You guys are the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WOW! Much better! Thats freaking awesome!!

I just wanted to drop a line and tell you I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the upgrade to MySpace Suite 2.0!!!!
I use the software at home and at the office and I am loving it! I have 2 separate subscriptions and just cannot say enough! All the upgrades I would have hoped for are now included.

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Facebook, Twitter and MySpace Social Marketing

Facebook, Twitter and MySpace Friend Adder, Messenger, Comments Bulletins and Event Invitations Sender

Integrated solution
This is probably the only Facebook, Twitter and MySpace Bot which is everything at once - complete, fully automated, unattended and jam-packed with features complete solution for MySpace and Facebook. A single software package that you can use on just any platform - Windows, Mac OSX or Linux.

Reach to people
You can add friends, send messages, post comments, post bulletins, send event invitations, invite users to groups and pages and much more.

Powerful search
Our suite has the most amazingly huge number of search methods. You can browse for users at MySpace based on any criteria (basic or advanced), search through profiles by affiliations or schools, search music artists and bands, and even search in MySpace & Facebook groups. You can also extract people from Facebook Wall posts, Facebook Applications, MySpace comments, Tweets, etc.

You can extract additional personal information for every user, including their gender, age, location and email address.

Keep track
The program will never send a message to the same user twice or post duplicate add requests. You keep track of every single add, message, comment and event that you've sent.

Account protection
We have taken special precaution to protect your account from being suspended. Included are pauses between operations to avoid overloading MySpace and Facebook servers.

However, you need to be very careful so you don't abuse Facebook, Twitter or MySpace services. You need to stay within your daily limits and always use a pause between each add, message or comment. The program fully supports those protections.

CAPTCHA support
Fully automated CAPTCHA Bypass for MySpace and Facebook is available. Manual entering of the codes is also possible. Full support for MySpace No More CAPTCHA and Facebook Phone Verification systems.

Download the evaluation version for free and try it for 30 days.

Order a license to unlock the program's full potential.

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